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I remember a night 'neath silver stars
and waves that crashed against the rocky shore;
I left the flashing lights and smazy bars

And stumbled through the town from door to door
through shadows like the ghost of Robin Hood
Dont think I'll ever make it off this horse:

Rode faster than I ever thought I could
but stopped before I reached the ocean's waves
and watched the world fall 'round where I stood.

I may as well use this thing for something...

Underestimated Music's most fabulous acoustic artist, Chris Ayer, has two shows this weekend!

Saturday night promises to be great, the venue is excellent and the support is very talented. The capacity for the Octopus Lounge is 95, let's fill that sucker up.

The BBC is famous for it's Labor Day Reviews, grab a pint and some chips and come see an eclectic show.

Also check out some old releases and new demos at Look for a new album out in the next few months.


The Octopus Lounge
w/ Scott Robinson &
Justin Hopkins -
Doors at 9
Show 9:30 - 1am

180 Eureka Sq., Pacifica, CA

@ The BBC
Acoustic Review, Labor Day style

1090 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA


(more dates pending)
9/19 - The BBC, Menlo Park, CA

10/3 - The BBC, Menlo Park, CA

10/17 - The BBC, Menlo Park, CA

10/31 - The BBC, Menlo Park, CA
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Lust of the Libertines

So I fell asleep thinking about Pete last night. How is it that I spend a day with the spiv and I cant keep him off my mind? Fucking boys and their fucking hotness. He'll be back at summer's end I guess.
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Bah, well it seems that everyone else is using their Livejournals again, so I suppose I may as well go back to mine also.

Pete is in rehab in Thailand, damn crazy though I wouldnt mind going there myself. I probably would probably turn out quite a bit better if I did.
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PogoOfGo: I'm looking at the stats for half-dragons... you could always make your DM cry by going for sorceror the Dragon Disciple prestige class, the one that turns you into a half-dragon anyway
PogoOfGo: I dunno if that would make you full dragon or three-quarter dragon or what, but it'd at least overdo the dragon thing
brickpatio: what a half-dragon dragon disciple?
brickpatio: haha EVIL
PogoOfGo: that's a total +10 str, +2 dex, +4 con, +4 int, +2 cha with +3 natural armor and wings, and a breath weapon
PogoOfGo: ah damn
PogoOfGo: requirement: "cannot already be a half-dragon"
brickpatio: damn
brickpatio: how funny would that be
brickpatio: maybe i could bypass that with like wish or miracle or somehting
brickpatio: you know id just get smacked down by DM lightning for this
PogoOfGo: probably
PogoOfGo: or just eaten by a dragon
PogoOfGo: know any races that start out large-sized?
brickpatio: i kinda wanted to play doppelganger or something too
PogoOfGo: there you go
PogoOfGo: the completely innocuous half-dragon doppleganger spymaster
PogoOfGo: you'll gain your first level in 2005 but nobody'll mess with you in the meantime
PogoOfGo: best yet you can Disguise your dragonness against the whole party until you get lazy
PogoOfGo: they'll just think you're some hopped-up doppleganger
brickpatio: nice
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